Saturday, January 28, 2012

Movie: Man on a Ledge

I know, first thing that comes to mind: what an odd title for a movie, thinking it won't be any good. But don't judge the movie by its title.

I was lucky enough to win advance passes to go check out this movie about 3 weeks ago, thanks to Entertainment One. It comes out this weekend.

Man on a Ledge stars Sam Worthington along with some strong supporting cast, like Jamie Bell ( the boy from Billy Elliot).  I wasn't expecting a lot going into the theatre, thinking cheesy title = a not so good movie, however I was wrong. I actually really enjoyed the movie! It had a good story and was very entertaining! It was funny at times, and exciting - kept me on the 'Ledge' of my seat : ) Worth checking out!

CB2 arrives in Toronto!

To be honest I had no idea what CB2 was all about ( I can't believe it), until recently. After learning more about CB2, I'm very excited about it and looking forward to checking out the store very soon.

CB2 - aka Crate and Barrel's little sister, just opened their first Canadian store in Toronto at Queen and Bathurst - 651Queen St. West. FYI - Coming to Vancouver very soon.

I've always like cool/interesting looking furnitures and décor not to mention an interest in interior design. CB2 will definitely be a great place to check out to get some inspirations.

It carries affordable modern stuff for apartment, loft and home. Mmm, kinda like the very popular Ikea?

You can pick up the latest The Grid newspaper (which I love and pick up every Thursday-it's FREE) where a CB2 catalogue is inserted inside.

Check out some of their cool offering. I love it! Budget-friendly has never looked so good.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

DC Comic's New Logo!

I'm not really a big comic book reader - however I am a fan of the super heroes; Spiderman, Superman and Batman are among my favourite.

DC Comics has released a new logo! It will be deployed in March 2012.

The new identity was designed by Landor. They explained "It was our goal to capture DC Entertainment in a dynamic and provocative identity. Our solution is a living expression which changes and adapts to the characters, story lines and the ways fans are consuming content. The new identity is built for the digital age, and can easily be animated and customized to take full advantage of the interactivity offered across all media platforms."

The new logo uses a "peel" effect. The D is strategically placed over the C with the upper right-hand portion of the D peeling back to unveil the hidden C - symbolizing the duality of the iconic characters that  are present within the DC Entertainment's portfolio.

I love the concept! I do prefer it more when the logo adapt to fit the distintive brands and characters - much more interesting and alive than the boring black and white rendition.

What do you guys think? Overall, yes, it's a pretty simple looking, but I don't mind it.
Note: it's also MY initial! : )

1976: The DC Bullet

2005: The DC Spin

Monday, January 23, 2012

Year of the Dragon!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Hei Fat Choi!

I want to wish everyone a prosperous year, good health and much happiness! Hope 2012 - year of the dragon will be a good year for everyone.

Reused my Canadian Flag design for this Chinese New year artwork : )

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monster X Diesel Headphones

I am a big fan of Diesel.  Their latest venture definitely got my attention.

What an interesting match-up indeed - Diesel collaborating with Monster Cable on a Vektr On-Ear Headphones! You might heard of Beats by Dr. Dre who was working with Monster Cable (which was how I first learned about Monster Cable), but recently announced that they did not renew their contract with them, ending a 5 year partnership.

Check out this headphone's description: The Vekr On-Ear Headphones were designed to be super-light, easy to carry, and offer a "scientifically-backed assault on your senses." It's triangular High-Def cable offers you a tangle-free and ultra-clear music experience while its sharp faceted look and range of finishes, including rubber and matte, give these headphones a truly distinctive look. The Vektr's also collapse to fit within a touring case and feature ControlTalk Universal hands-free control of your music and phone calls.

WOW! Don't you agree - this is a serious headphone!! What do you guys think?

You can purchase it online, and it comes with a big price tag of $279.99!!

Beats by Dr. Dre

Very nice shape/design - I like.

Love the detailing - the Diesel Mohawk logo - very nice!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Swatch - Dragon Watch

My friends know that I love watches,  I think I might just have to add this to my collection.... : )

Chinese new year is coming up soon - January 23, 2012. It will be the year of the Dragon, one of the most lively and colorful signs of the Chinese animal zodiac, and is the key symbol of Chinese Spirit.

The very fashionable watch company Swatch is coming out with The Year of the Dragon limited edition watch! It features an intricate and graceful Chinese dragon in blue on white ground of the silicone strap, taking inspiration from classic Chinese-style blue and white porcelain. It also comes in a special packaging.

Umbra: Arrow Hooks

Check out the latest designs/creations from Umbra (which I love), there's the arrow swivel wall hook and the arrow door hook.

Both designed by Tracy Wong. Her inspiration for the wall hook:

"The arrow symbol is engrained in our human nature: from ancient drawings to modern wayfinding. I wanted to create a versatile hook that mimics a fork in the road using four arrows that swivel in different directions and nest together as one. The hinge also allows you to fold the arrow against the wall when not in use."

I love it -what a great idea and very cool looking!

The arrow swivel wall hook.

Stamped metal multi hook with arrows that swing 180 degrees.

The arrow hook.

Set of 3 stamped metal arrow shaped nesting hooks that hang over the door.

David Beckham for H&M Ad Campaign

Check out the ad campaign for David Beckham's Bodywear line collaboration with H&M. No surprise here, as David himself is the model for the campaign.

The collection includes briefs, boxers, vests, t-shirts, pyjamas and long johns, all for men. This will be a long-term partnership between David Beckham and H&M. Designed by David's in-house team: the focus is on fit, function, comfort and design.

Apparently, the collection was a result of eighteen months of research and development. This collection aims to set a new standard in men's bodywear for the 21st century. (Wow - some serious bodywear : )

And I also heard that the television commercial for this campaign will be shown during the superbowl.

Just in time for Valentine's, the first collection will be available February 2, 2012.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

David Chiu's Stuff turns 1!

note: the robot suppose to be the One : )

Happy 1st year to my blog!!! I can't believe it - a total of 110 posts! Thank you all for taking the time to check out my blog this past year.

I hope you all will continue to check my blog in 2012 - also, make sure to tell all your friends about it too! Help me collect more readers : ) To make sure you won't miss any new posts, follow me on twitter: @stardchiu or just click on the right side - 'follow me on twitter' button.

I hope to do more post this year - more stuff that makes me happy, find interesting, and inspires me - most importantly hopefully YOU will get some stuff out of it!

Have a great year everyone - Happy reading!!!